Monadnock Region USDA Home Financing Options


Many are surprised to learn that the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) insures mortgages. The home loans can be used for real estate in many non-metropolitan towns and have great terms and features. This article provides Monadnock Region USDA home financing options.

Monadnock Region USDA Home Financing Options

Details on USDA Loans

  • The loan can be processed by local approved lenders.
  • Real estate can be financed more than 100% of the current value.
  • Both purchases and refinances qualify.
  • Contrary to common perception, USDA applies to more than farm properties.
  • The program can be used for single family residences and multi-unit buildings.
  • It may be possible to include the expense of certain upgrades.

Areas Approved

Areas are approved based on zip code. Buyers might be pleased to see some towns on the list as many are not as remote as imagined. To check eligibility for Monadnock Region and and other locations, visit the USDA Home Loan website at and click on property type in the Eligibility menu in the top left section. You must enter a state and zip code to display a color coded map.

Qualification Criteria

USDA criteria are almost the same as FHA financing criteria. Buyers need sufficient credit scores, stable income, and the capability to repay the loan. Income limits (found at vary by region and number of members in your household. USDA mortgages may take longer to process than other mortgages. Ask a USDA loan officer about applicable processing time lines and make sure you allow adequate time prior to settlement.

Where to Find USDA Assistance

Find a knowledgeable local mortgage company that is approved to offer USDA loans. Your real estate agent should be able to refer a mortgage company. Get a pre-approval in advance and ask about the requirements and options before submitting an offer on properties. Contact Ken Moller at 603-525-4211 or for specific Monadnock Region USDA home financing options.